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These organized games are 1/2 hour to 1 hour activities for kids. Bobby has developed these games over the years for both indoor and outdoor parties. These are some of the greatest balloon party games for children 5 & older or adults.

For an outdoor party:

Bobby will split the kids up in to teams or will do kids against the adults. Each team will get a skinny balloon they place under their chin with their hands behind their backs. They must run with the balloon around a cone and back to their team without using their hands. Then they must pass the balloon from chin to chin to the next person in line until each member of the team has gone.

For an indoor party:

Balloon Volley Ball

Bobby will create the net by connecting two of the adults’ heads together. Then he will split the kids up into teams or will do kids against the adults again. Bobby inflates an 11 inch or 16 inch round balloon, then the fun begins. The game plays just like regular volleyball with some rule changes to move the game along. Each person on each side can only touch the ball once to get it over the net or they are eliminated from the
game. This is the same if you hit the ball under the net or if you are the last one to touch the ball and the ball touches the ground on your side of the net. The game is played to 13 or last man standing which ever happens first.

The Balloon Dance Off

First, the kids will place 1 or 2 round balloons between their legs while trying to do a certain dance (often to outrageously fast music). When they lose the balloons they have to sit down. Last couple remaining on the floor wins. This could also work with little kids dancing freestyle (and it might be a good way to tire them out before the show.)

Balloon Limbo Contest

Take the volleyball net and line the kids up and now we have a limbo stick. The kids can’t touch the ground or the balloon limbo stick. (How low can they go!)

Bobby has many other games as well.