Booking Your Event

Hey folks I know price is important, but would you forgo quality for price? Most say no,

and why would you do this with a special moment… don’t you want the best for your family?

I thought so!

People always talk budget, but never really have one in mind. Price is in the eye of the consumer.

Common items we have and spend too much money on:

Wii system Basic …………………… $199 (and the kids play it how often?)

Movie night …………………………….. $50 per family of 4

Drive Thru Meal ………………………. $32 per family of 4

Dauphins Game ticket ……………. $29 – $200

Disney one Day pass ……………… $500 – $1,000 per family of 4

Plumber, Locksmith,

Repairman of any kind ……………… $90 – $200

Just to look at your problem!

When you plan a party you figure on a cost per person. That can be from $10 -$50 depending on the

food and beverages supplied. What do you think is going to be more memorable … the Food or the

Entertainer? Please use this same gauge of $10 – $50 per person to help plan you upcoming party

or event.

Another thing to consider is the safety of your family. Do you know this person your inviting into

your home? Can you see them perform BEFORE you hire them? Are they licensed, insured,

background checked  If No is the answer to any of these questions, you might want to stick

with a  pinata and a bounce house.

BTW the answer is YES to all the above with Balloon Masterz Entertainment. See Bobby Alyssa or Judi

  At any of our 12 weekly restaurant engagements, level 2 vendor with palm beach County Schools

Fingerprinted, 5 million Dollar Liability Insurance, Jessica Lunceford Act Certified,Family Business

married for over 15 years (Same Woman!!) with 2 terrific boy- girl twins ….

What else do you need to know?

So what should you plan for entertainment? Take this into consideration.

Most entertainers give up their Holidays, weekends and nights to be with you

(not their family). Great entertainers are few and even fewer do this full time.

This is how I support my family.


Twisting Prices

There are two pricing categories to choose from for your balloon entertainment needs!

All entertainment options are also based on availability when booking.

These prices can vary based on travel fees and length of performance.



Bobby Or Alyssa  Guaranteed Rate

You pick the entertainer, and If available,  we guarantee Bobby or Alyssa  will be at your event.

This price includes:

  • #1 Award winning  most amazing – seasoned performers

  • Skill level off the charts!!  Given enough time and enough balloons we can make you anything.

  • #1 Premade Balloon Creation for the guest of honor !

( If there are multiple guests of honor there maybe an additional fee for additional premade creations .)

  • Speed of up to 25 custom balloon creations per hour. (Not many Balloon artists can do that)

  • Named talent  have  performed worldwide and in major cities in the U.S.  such as Los Angeles,  Las Vegas

 Boston,and New York.

 Type of events: Kid’s Parties, Adult Parties Night Club Events , Corporate Parties,

Holiday Parties, Trade Shows Marketing & Sales, Anniversary’s, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

You name it we’ve done it all !

 When you need the best and  you want to impress clients and your guests.

Price $250.00 for the first hour  $150.00 for each additional hour.

and $100.00 for any additional 1/2 hour

if your event is more than 3 hours please call for pricing

if your event is more than 4 hours or more  please see half day and full day rates below.


Right to Substitute Rate

We choose the entertainer for your event. 

if available we may send Bobby or Alyssa , but their appearance is NOT GUARANTEED.

Q- Are the substitutes as good at making balloon creations as Bobby or Alyssa ?

A- No!  they have a limited repertoire 150 Nice balloon creations.

This price includes:

  • #1 Professional  Balloon entertainer  – Experienced Adults that have a large repertoire of balloon choices.

  • Skill level (Multiple  balloon creations, silly hats , some cartoon characters, Nice  balloon animals etc.

  •  No premade balloon creation for guest of honor.

  • Speed up to 15 Cool creations per hour.

Good  for – all age groups , Parties, Restaurant Promotions , Fund Raisers & Company Picnic , Budgeted Events .

$150.00 per hour $75.00 for each additional 1/2 hour.

We do offer additional discounts if you book multiple balloon entertainers for your events.

Please call for Pricing !



Professional  Performers Day Rate

Half day rate (4 hours) $500.00 per entertainer

Up to 40-60 balloon Nice  balloon creations

Full day rate (8 hours) $1,000.00 per entertainer

 A lot of balloon creations

Award Winning Seasoned Performers  Day Rate

Half day rate (4 hours) $800.00 per entertainer

Up to 60- 100  unbelievable balloon creations

Full day rate (8 hours) $1500.00 per entertainer

Awful lot of balloon creations


Besides Seasoned Performers

We can provide at least 10 to 20 balloon artists from the Florida area that are guaranteed to enthrall

you and I know of hundreds of artists worldwide that will blow your mind worldwide

talent is a daily rate plus travel expenses and per Diem.